Coatings & Paints

Lanya high performance silanes, silicone additives and heat resistant silicone resins can help you produce better paints, coatings, printing inks and overprint varnishes more easily and cost effectively.

Lanya SILANES are widely used as adhesion promoters, surface modifiers, crosslinking agent, curing agent coatings, pigments and fillers. They help to provide high performance and high quality products.

Benefits of Silane in Coatings & Paints

——Increase adhesion to substrate

——Increase crosslink density of coating

——Increase hardness

——Increase mar resistance

——Improve solvent, acid, base resistance

——Improve water resistance

Increase abrasion resistance

——Improve resin properties

——Improve pigment dispersion

Bind pigment better

Lanya Alkylalkoxy Silanes are combined used together with Ethyl Silicates, particularly methyltrialkoxysilane, propyltrialkoxysilane. Long carbon chain silanes maybe added to in the formulation to improve hydrobic properties.

Lanya Phenyl Silanes can improve the thermal stability of the coating.

Lanya Fluoro Silanes can provide additional hydrophobic and oleophobic effects.

Lanya Amino Silanes can be used as wetting agents in sol-gel systems. The use of aminosilanes usually results in basic sols, which can be cured at room temperature while taking advantage of humid conditions.

Lanya Silicone Additives (leveling agent, wetting agent) are widely used in coatings and paints. It help to reduce the surface tension of the liquid, and overcome surface defects like cratering, poor wetting and others. In addition, silicone additives also improve the mar resistance, and impart slip and gloss.

Lanya Fumed Silica increases ink viscosity, provides thixotropy, prevents its absorption in very porous surfaces, prevents sagging and curing during application and also prevents the settling in heavy loads, such as for pigments.

Lanya silicone products are also widely used in roofing systems: siliconized elastomeric coating for roof leaks, clear liquid silicone paint rv roof sealant, silicon based exterior water repellent/waterproofing paint for flat roof coating, silicone membrane coating over roof shingles, black gray high solids silane silicone paint coating on roof… Besides, we provide high quality white silicone spraying paint for wall, bathroom sealant paint, cell fluid painting with silicone, and so on. In terms of pouring painting, our liquid silicone for acrylic/epoxy pour painting over silicone caulk is the ideal choice.

New Generation MEKO Free Anti-skinning Agents.

In 2014, European regulators classified MEKO as an H-351 carcinogenic category 2 product. Lanya specialists have developed MEKO free anti-skinning agent MIBKO (Methyl Isobutyl Ketoxime) and MPO (Methyl Propyl Ketoximoe), they are used as anti-skinning agent in oil-based paint, alkyd paint and epoxy paint.

Lanya Methyl Phenyl Silicone Resin is used to produce high temperature resistant coatings and primers, which can provide excellent heat resistance, while having good gloss and color retention, improved flexibility, low viscosity and water resistance or corrosion resistance. Lanya methyl phenyl silicone resin is the best choice for high heat and UV resistant coatings.