Personal Care

Silicones have a long history as a functional ingredient in personal care products. Lanya provides a wide range of cost effective ingredients in the field of personal care, including hair care, body care, sunscreen products and color cosmetics.

In skin care products (creams, lotions, etc.), silicones fluid can improve moisturisation and radiance, enhance soft and refreshed skin feeling. Silicones can improve the spreadability and water resistance of the skin formulation.

In hair care products (shampoos and conditioners, shine sprays and frizz serums, etc.), silicones can provide superior conditioning, increase shine, improve heat and color protection, control hair frizz, improve combing, and create a lasting soft feel.

In sunscreen products (skin creams, lotions, foundations with SPF, etc.), silicones can reduce the tackiness of organic sunscreens, increase the SPF value and increase the silicone based water repellent property.

In color cosmetics (lipsticks and lip colors, foundations, eye shadows, primers, powder, etc.), silicones improve color intensity and uniformity, non-transferability, and luminosity. Moreover, silicones enhance the durability of the formulation, as well as water resistance.

In APDEO products (gels, sticks, roll-ons, and aerosols for antiperspirants and deodorants), Lanya silicones reduce the whiteness and the tack of antiperspirant salts, improve skin feel, and provide easy gliding.

Lanya, a reliable silicone company, also offers wide range of high performance and standard silicone products include dimethicone fluids, volatile silicone fluids, silicone gum blends, silicone emulsions, phenyl modified silicones, amine modified silicones, alkyl functional silicones, silicone emulsifiers, silicone elastomers, silicone elastomeric powders, Silicone elastomer suspensions and silicone resins.