Polyurethane Foam

Lanya develops and manufactures a full line of high-quality silicone surfactants for formulating polyurethane foams.

Our silicone surfactants products are used in a variety of polyurethane applications, including rigid foams, flexible foams, high resilience foams, shoe sole foams and one component foam.

Lanya, a reliable silicone company, is responsive and flexible in formulating and manufacturing to satisfy customers’ unique requirements. Our extensive network of reactors allows us to support our customers from project inception, to scale-up, through commercial success.

Lanya silicone surfactants for PU foams are grafted copolymers which consist of a polydimethylsiloxane backbone and polyethylene oxide-co-propylene oxide pendant groups.

It is used as surfactants to stabilize the foam cells in the flexible polyurethane foaming process. It increases the compatibility of raw materials, decrease surface tension in polyurethane foam systems, improve emulsification and nucleation, prevent coalescence and stabilize cell membranes