Plastics & Thermoplastics

Lanya develops and manufactures a full range of silanes and silicones for plastic processing and properties enhancing. Lanya silane coupling agents can be used for filled plastics. Improved coupling of resins with fillers and better filler dispersion in thermoset and thermoplastic resins.

Siloxane masterbatches by Lanya, a reliable silicone company, are used to improve mar resistance, wear resistance, increase melt flow for cycle time reduction.

trimethoxyvinylsilane is used for silane crosslinking and the production of crosslinkable polyolefin compounds. is used as water scavenger and precuring retarder. They can increase shelf life as well as safety in handling and processing of silane crosslinkable compounds.

Lanya also provides multi-component vinyl silane crosslinking systems and dry silane masterbatches to meet customer demand.