Electrical Engineering

Lanya silane coupling agents can improve the reliability of semiconductor encapsulation materials, flat-panel displays and other products. Silane coupling agents can improve the dispersibility and adhesion of inorganic materials. Silane coupling agents can be used as raw material for hard-coat materials.

In chip manufacture, high purity Lanya Ethyl Silicates tetraethyl orthosilicates are important feedstocks and are preferably used for generating dielectric layers by CVD. Silicone Fluids can be used as transformer oil, cable oil, damper oil, condenser oil; preventing adherence of toner to photocopier rolls, etc.

Silicone rubber materials play a key role in electronics and power distribution. The demand for electrical energy is increasing, reliable and safe materials are more important than ever. High-voltage current transmission and low- and medium-voltage power distribution equipment require safer, more durable, more innovative and more cost-effective solutions. Silicone rubber has gradually become the material of choice for wire and cable accessories because they provide high mechanical and insulation properties, good UV resistance as well as excellent high temperature and fire resistance. Silicone rubber can be widely used in cable applications in different fields.

Lanya has developed a series of liquid silicone rubber for the manufacture of silicone rubber cable accessories to meet increasingly stringent technical and regulatory requirements.

Insulators and cable accessories are used to protect all power lines and high-voltage transformers at key connection points. These accessories include bushings, lightning arresters, connection fasteners, cable ends, etc. These various connecting and insulating devices include indoor and outdoor cable terminals and intermediate connectors.