Leather & Textile

Lanya offers a range of proven, high-performance silicone finishes useful in a wide range of leather and fabric textile finishing applications.

Lanya silicone finishes can give natural leather a natural, authentic feel, and improve the water repellency and abrasion resistance. Lanya silicone finishes also can improve leather’s feel, softness, durability, abrasion resistance and resistance to soiling.

Lanya silicone finishes are widely used for increasing the softness of wash fabric clothing, enhancing their aesthetic feel and imparting an excellent hand feeling. They improve many physical properties, such as tear strength, abrasion and wrinkle resistance, stretch recovery and shrinkage reduction. They can provide either water absorption or water repellency with little to no impact on fabric whiteness.

Lanya silicone coated cotton fabric finishes are available in a wide range of chemistries to meet the different needs. Amino functional silicone polymers are the most popular finishes. Hydroxy functional silicones, methyl hydrogen silicones, epoxy functional silicones, silicone polyethers and epoxy-polyether silicones are also typically used in fabric finish formulations. Silicone fluids can be formulated into emulsions or blended with organic polymer emulsions to provide a wide variety of performance properties.

Lanya silicone fabric finishes have wide spread applications in the textile industry from fiber, yarn and fabric production to final product finishing. Their distinctive chemistry imparts a range of characteristics. Very small amounts silicone finishes are required to achieve the desired properties, which can improve the cost of textile operations and ensure a minimum environmental impact.

Benefits from Lanya Silicone Finishes:

Premium hand feel
Excellent softness
Excellent fiber-fiber lubrication
Substantive to fibers
Hydrophobic or sio2 hydrophilic property
Good stretch and recovery
Improved elasticity and resiliency
Good durability
Excellent sewability
Forms microemulsions readily
Low yellowing