Product introduction

YAC-C3003 is a clear colorless liquid.

CAS No. 2550-06-3
EINECS No. 219-844-8
Formula C3H6Cl4Si
Molecular Weight 211.98
Boiling Point 182°C [760mmHg]
Flash Point 84°C
Color and Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Density 25/25°C 1.359
Refractive Index 1.4668 [25°C]
Min. Purity 0.99



YAC-C3003 gamma chloropropyltrichlorosilane organo silanes can be used as an intermediate for other functional organosilanes。

Packing and Storage

YAC-C3003 chlorosilane is supplied in 260Kg steel drum.

In the unopened original container YAC-C3003 has a shelf life of one year in a dry and cool place.