Product introduction

YAC-CMDCS is a clear, colorless, pungent smelling, caustic and flammable liquid. It can be dissolved in non-protonating solvents without decomposition.

CAS No. 1719-57-9
EINECS No. 217-006-6
Formula C3H8Cl2Si
Molecular Weight 143.09
Boiling Point 115°C [760mmHg]
Flash Point 27°C
Ignition temperature 355°C
Color and Appearance Colorless clear liquid
Density 25/25°C 1.086
Refractive Index 1.436 [20°C]
Min. Purity 99.00%

YAC-CMDCS is an important intermediate for Alfa-series silane coupling agents.

YAC-CMDCS organofunctional silanes are used for synthesis of pesticides.

Packing and Storage

YAC-CMDCS chlorosilane is supplied in net weight 200Kg steel drum.

In the unopened original container YAC-CMDCS has a shelf life of one year in a dry and cool place.