Amino Silicone Fluid
Product introduction

Super Smooth and Clear Silicone Fluid YASIL-A20000 is a modified polysiloxane.


YASIL-A20000 can be applied for the smooth and clear finishing of cotton, viscose, tencl, silicone coated fabric and Cellulose Fibers.


Crude oil emulsification, please refer to the emulsification process.

Dipping Process: Diluted emulsion 1-5% (o.w.f)

Padding Process: Diluted emulsion 10-40 g/l

Packing and Storage

YASIL-A20000 liquid silicone oil is supplied in 50Kg or 120Kg drum.

In the original unopened packaging, YASIL-A20000 has a shelf life of six months in a dry and cool place.