Amino Silicone Fluid
Product introduction

Fluffy Amino Silicone Fluid YASIL-A5000 is an amino modified silicone oil, applied in soft and fluffy finish of polyester, polyester /cotton, cotton/polyester, cotton, hemp, etc fabrics, which can get perfect handle. It has adsorption properties, that will have bath exhausting result. With better stability compared to similar products, it has good compatibility with adhesive and dope.


YASIL-A5000 can be applied to fluffy finishing of knitted, woven, feather fabric.

YASIL-A5000 endows the silicone fabric clothing with excellent soft and fluffy handle.


Dipping Process: Emulsified Liquid 1-6%(o.w.f)

Padding Process: Emulsified Liquid 10-50g/l.

Packing and Storage

YASIL-A5000 silicone in oil is supplied in 120Kg or 200Kg plastic drum.

In the original unopened packaging, YASIL-A5000 has a shelf life of eight months in a dry and cool place.