Amino Silicone Fluid
Product introduction

Super Soft Amino Silicone Fluid YASIL-A116 is amino modified organic silicone, applied in soft finish of cellulose base fibre textiles especially cotton, hemp and its blended fabrics, which can get perfect handle. It has little effect on whiteness, shade, and color fastness of fabrics. It can obviously increase the fluffy elasticity of the fabric. It has excellent adsorption property.


YASIL-A116 can be applied to soft finish of cotton, hemp and its blended fabrics.

YASIL-A116 liquid silicone oil endows the fabrics with excellent soft effect.

It can be the same bath with finishing products such as softener flake and formaldehyde-free fixative.

Working liquid is stable,and it has good compatibility with silicone adhesive and pigments.


Dipping Process: Emulsified Liquid 1-6%(o.w.f)

Padding Process: Emulsified Liquid 10-50g/l.

Packing and Storage

YASIL-A116 by LANYA, a reliable silicone company, is supplied in 50Kg or 100Kg plastic drum.

In the original unopened packaging, YASIL-A116 has a shelf life of eight months in a dry and cool place.