Product introduction

YAC-N1613 is a monomeric long chain alkylfunctional silane. It is a clear colorless liquid and soluble in organic solvents, not in water.

YAC-N1613 alkyl alkoxy silane is the equivalent of Wacker's 25013 VP, Evonik's Dynasylan 9116.


YAC-N1613 silane reducing agent has superior hydrophobicity, it can be used as a water-repellent or surface modifier.

YAC-N1613 can be used as scorch retardant in moisture crosslinked wire and cable compounds, to improve processability and shelf life. Additive loading levels of 0.5 to 1.5 wt% based on the overall compound are typically recommended.

YAC-N1613 can be used for mineral filler treatment. When treated minerals are incorporated into cross linked silicone polymers, the long-chain alkyl functionality results in unique functional filler properties.

YAC-N1613 (Hexadecyltrimethoxysilane) can be used for polyolefin production.

Packing and Storage

YAC-N1613 is supplied in 20Kg pail or 180Kg steel drum.

In the unopened container YAC-N1613 (Hexadecyltrimethoxysilane) has a shelf life of one year