Product introduction

YAC-N823 is a monomeric medium-chain alkylfunctional silane. It is a colorless liquid and soluble in common non-polar organic solvent.

YAC-N823 alkyl alkoxy silane is the equivalent of Momentive's A-137, Dow's Z-6341, Evonik's Dynasylan OCTEO.


YAC-N823 silane crosslinking agent can improve compatibility between pigments or inorganic fillers and organic polymers or solvents, allow easy pigment or mineral filler dispersion. Recommended level is 0.5~1.5% based on the weight of filler or pigment.

When diluted with an appropriate solvent, YAC-N823 octyltriethoxysilane can be used in the formulation of water repellent products like silicone water repellent paint. Upon proper application, the formulated product will penetrate and provide water repellency by chemically reacting with the cementitious substrate. Treated substrates are hydrophobic and retain their original appearance.

YAC-N823 octyltriethoxysilane, OCTEO silane, is used as a surface modifier to generate hydrophobictity (e.g. concrete, glass, inorganic pigments, or mineral fillers).

Packing and Storage