Product introduction

YAC-N6313 is an alkoxysilane with an aminofunctional group. It hydrolyzes autocatalytically in the presence of moisture to form silanols, which can react with themselves to produce siloxanes or bind inorganic substrates.


YAC-N6313 can be used as an adhesion promoter in sealants, adhesives, and coatings.

YAC-N6313 can be used as a silane surface modifier for fillers for silane-modilified polymers which serve as binders in adhesives and sealants.

Packing and Storage

YAC-N6313 amino silane is supplied in 200Kg steel drum or 1000Kg IBC container.

In the unopened original container YAC-N6313 has a shelf life of one year in a dry and cool place.