Product introduction

YAC-VO323 is a methacryl-functional silane; it is a clear, light and heat sensitive liquid with a faintly sweet odour. It is the equivalent of Momentive's Y-11878, Dow's Z-6036, Wacker's GF32, ShinEtsu's KBE-503.

YAC-VO323 acyl silane is used as adhesion promoter at organic/inorgainc interfaces, as surface modifier. It is used as a coupling agent to improve the physical and electrical properties of glass-reinforced and mineral-filled thermosetting resins under exposure to heat and/or moisture. It is typically employed as a blend additive in resin systems that cure via a free radical mechanism (e.g. polyester, acrylic) and in filled or reinforced thermoplastic silicon based polymers, including polyolefins and polyurethanes. It is also used to functionalize resins via radical initiated processes - copolymerization or grafting - and to modify surfaces.


YAC-VO323 3 trimethoxysilyl propyl methacrylate silane, according to Wiki, is mainly used in unsaturated polyester composite material to improve .

YAC-VO323, the high quality silicone silane, can improve the wet mechanical property and electric property of glass fiber reinforced composite material.

In wire and cable industry, when be used to treat EPDM system, which is stuffed by pottery clay and crosslinked by peroxide, YAC-VO323 3 mercaptopropyl trimethoxysilane can improve consumption factor and specific inductance captance.

The polymers, polymerized by YAC-VO323 3 mercaptopropyl trimethoxysilane and vinyl acetate and acrylic acid or methyl acrylic acid monomer, are widely used in coatings, adhesives and sealing agents with which provide excellent adhesion and durability.

Packing and Storage