Product introduction

YASIL-195H is Amino Polydimethysiloxane with good stickiness and combing ability. In addition, YASIL-195H has high reactivity, good performance in anti-yellowing, hair absorption, compatibility, and emulsification due to reactive terminal amino group. Silicone chain brings excellent soft and smooth feel.


YASIL-195H is an ideal additive for shampoo, hair conditioner, ointment, perm agent and other silicone personal care products.

How to use:

YASIL-195H can be added into the products for marceling and coloring hair and partly take place of ammonia or the compound of amine, which can prevent the hair from some physical and chemical elements.

When YASIL-195H is used in hair care products, melting oil phase and add this product slowly at 50°C, then stir completely.

When YASIL-195H liquid silicone oil is used in oil-based products, it can be added directly in system and stir at room temperature.

Recommend Dosage:

The recommended usage level of this product is 0.1%-0.2%

Packing and Storage

YASIL-195H by LANYA, a reliable silicone company, is supplied in 200Kg steel drum.

In the original unopened packaging, YASIL-195H has a shelf life of one year in a dry and cool place at room temperature.