Product introduction


ltems Specification
Appearance colorless transparent liquid
Density ( 20°C、g/cm³) 0.8980~0.9080
Assay 298.00%
Color ≤10APHA
Refractive index 1.3930~1.4030


180Kg drum or 900Kg IBC containers.


YAC-V151 offers vinyl and silane functionality, making it excellent candidates for crosslinking organic polymers. It may also be useful for chain extension of RTV silicones or other silane or OH functional polymers. The resulting Si-O-Si crosslink sites are highly resistant to exposure to moisture, chemicals and UV. Siloxane crosslinks tend to not generate color and are resistant to acid rain.

YAC-V151 can be added as monomers during emulsion polymerization to formsilane modified latexes. The silane in such latexes function as crosslinkers, forming very stable Si-O-Si linkages.

YAC-V151 can also be grafted to select unsaturated polymers such as polyethylene, polyester, and styrene-butadiene co-polymers, via free radical chemicals. Once grafted to the resin, the resin exhibits silane functionality through which the resin can be crosslinked via an ambient moisture cure mechanism.

Packing and Storage

Stored in cool and dry place, avoid moisture and sunshine.

Recommend Shelf Life:12 months.