Vinyl silane oligomers
Product introduction


Tests Specification
Appearance Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid
Density(20℃) 1.000g/cm³
Ash content(sio2 content) 54.0%±2.0%
Viscosity(20℃) 2-4 mpas


Plastic drum packing, net weight per barrel 25 Kg, 200 Kg, 1000 Kg, 1060Kg.


YAC-VO1090 is used in mineral filled and peroxide crosslinked cable systems to improve mechanical and electrical properties, especially when exposed to humid air.
YAC-VO1090 has a high boiling point and a high flash point, making it safer and easier to process than ordinary hadral silanes.
The methanol (VOC) released by hydrolysis of YAC-VO1090 was significantly less than that of silane monomers.
YAC-VO1090 not only improves packing dispersion but also significantly reduces water absorption with a good balance between tensile strength and high elongation at break.
YAC-VO1090 has high impact strength, excellent high wear resistance, and significantly reduces cracking.

Packing and Storage

Keep in a low temperature, ventilated and dry place.

Recommend Shelf Life: 12 months.