Vinylsilane/alkoxy silane oligomers
Product introduction


Tests Specification
Appearance Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid
Density(20℃ 0.99g/cm³
Refractive index(n25D)  1.4210-1.4310
Ash content(sio2 content) 46.0%±2.0%
Free chlorine <100ppm


Packed in plastic drums with a net weight of 25 Kg per Barrel.


The alkoxy group in YAC-VO1298 is hydrophobic and significantly improves the electrical properties of the caulk, especially after exposure to humid air.

YAC-VO1298 increases packing volume, increases creep behavior at increasing temperature, and also increases chemical resistance.

The YAC-VO1298 has high impact strength, excellent high wear resistance, and reduces the tendency to crack under pressure.

Packing and Storage

Keep in a low temperature, ventilated and dry place.

Recommend Shelf Life: 12 months.